Horse Racing Arcade

Horse Racing Arcade is an arcade simulation game. You enter into the crowd of arcade casino where those who are experts on real horse racing can't survive. Instead of betting for strong horses, you are here betting against other people to win from the casino pool.

This arcade game machine actually exists. But the graphic and game play is different though. Horse racing arcade machine is one of the best memory I ever have with my friends. Everybody knows; you can't beat the house, so we fight each other to make money. We bet against friends by manipulating the bet amount. It's kind of tricky but with some luck it works. Sweet memory and many laughs on those days. It's a funny experience.

This horse racing is a simulation of my experience. I hope you too can enjoy it.

  Casino Video Poker

Casino Video Poker use the rule of popular Jacks or better. It has a great video arcade graphic and a theme feel like real casino video poker / slots machines. At the end of each round you can fight for a six cards. This is the different about Casino Video Poker and its is more relaxing and more fun to play.

☆ Features ☆
✓ Standard Jacks Or Better video poker game rule
✓ Hint : Auto hold and speed game play.
✓ Additional winning card combination
✓ Allow for additional extra cards fight / double up. Some kind of double bonus.
✓ Bonus / Jackpot : More progressive points.
✓ Choose betting from small 100 to big 5000 coins / chip.
✓ Nice sound effects and vegas casino background.
✓ Saves your game score at any time.
✓ Top live chart online highscore.
✓ Look like real casino Vegas / Texas Hold'em machine
✓ Additional cards themes available: Candy Simple and Fruits
✓ For fun only, NOT a real gamble machine. Real cash money only use in IAP to buy theme and virtual points but its optional.

Do you have fortune? Test your luck! Bet your first royal flush now!!! Have fun ;)

  Video Poker Double Up

Video poker double up slot is too unique to describe. You have to try it for yourself. Its featuring a standard video poker slot, plus a FIGHT feature ( One more chance to get another card at the end of a round ). Hah! is it? Yes! This is called the FIGHT. It is very interesting, you won't feel depressed when you lose because you always get one more chance. This is why we should call it Video Poker double up, because it's kind of huge with double up game.

In addition there is a real standard double up ready! Normally in any video poker slot machine, you can double up if you win any hand like jacks or better etc.. Our double up is very unique and very entertaining as well. You are given five chances to double up on every winning. Whenever you're win on guessing big or small, your money will double. But wait! If you win continuously up to five times in a row, then a huge bonus waiting for you. And a picture of pretty girl pop up ;)

This Video Poker slot also features a lot of bonuses for you to collect. For example Flush bonus: When you win flush 4 times, then you will get the accumulated jackpot. Similarly to straight bonus: When you win 4 times of straight then you are eligible for the jackpot as well. Normally this jackpot value is higher than flush bonus. In addition you can also collect a four of a kind bonus and a triple pair bonus. You can win each of their jackpot by winning three times of four of a kind or triple pair respectively.

Besides, you got interesting journey of collecting video poker themes. When your ESP is increase you will win a free themes one by one. Certainly this is a challenging journey but you will enjoy it. We provide 12 themes for you to collect. Open it one by one in the pursuit of increasing your level and high score. Your high score will be displayed in high score page when you become top 100 player of the week.

Simply Download now! You will not regret it.

NOTE: For fun only. We does NOT offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes cards on a real casino. Success in this game does not mean future success at real money gambling.

For fun only. Free Download now!

  Surprise Egg Candy Toy

Surprise Egg Candy Toy is a free enjoy and fun Toy collecting game.

Great for young children, kids: boys and girls ( toddler or some babies ). This virtual vending machine / tamago capsule or surprice eggs pop like a real tamago unbox surprise capsule. Tap to crack open and find hidden surprice egg chocolate or toys. Sometime you smash a colorful cute toys but sometime just a chocolate or candy. The game not only about breaking gumball eggs, its also provide many mini games like Catching colorful toys, Fire or shooting toys, Driving a cars, Surfing, Find hidden toys, Tapper to eat and many more collecting of kids games.

Drop a coin into the toy eggs surprise machine, turn the wheel and watch your egg drop down. Claw up your exciting new candy egg and rip off the foil and get your candy toy so your left with your egg surprise, pop it open to reveal like magic, a brand new toy prize. with your toys in many mini games available.

You also get your very own toy collectors album / gallery where you can show of all your cool new toys to your family and friends.

-Touch, tap and swipe your finger to unbox many surprises inside.
-Discover the collected toys in album.
-Toddler children, kids: boys and girls safely
-There are 100 different toy prizes to collect including: cars, ball, teddy bear, dianasour, horse, train, monsters, robot, animals and much more!

If you love watching toy surprise egg opening videos in TV or youtube, you will love this app! Its so fun.